Tips to make a well-organized move

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Moving to a new home includes the much-feared move, both for the work that represents the packing and transfer of furniture and objects, as, of course, the cost. But do not stress, although it seems a very complicated task, with a little organization and planning you can do it without major setbacks.

Each thing in its place

Take it easy, as the saying goes: new house, new life. Whether you are going alone, as a couple or as a family, moving implies the start of a new project, which includes a change of environment, location and places to carry out daily activities. Avoid falling into despair, so to start positively you must plan a good move in time, for this, we present some simple suggestions that can help you in this task.

First of all, the change of residence is an excellent opportunity to review all the contents of your home and choose what you really want to take to your new home and what is best to get rid of once and for all. Also, the fewer objects you have for the day of the move, it will be easier. There is no point paying for the shipment of items you will never need, it is an unnecessary expense.

Tips for before moving

An unavoidable task that you must perform prior to the move is the notification of the change of address to the different services.

  • Provide your new address to family and friends and the date on which you will already be installed.
  • Notify the change of address to banks and stores where you have accounts to send correspondence to the new place.
  • Update all your official documentation: IFE, license, etc.
  • Insurance company. In case you have a home insurance, it will be necessary to make a new policy, according to the new house and its location. As well as life insurance, automobile, etcetera.
  • Cancels the contracting of public services (electricity, water, gas, telephone). We must cancel the services of the current address and contract those of the new home. In case there were deposits for the services contract, we must demand reimbursement.
  • Medical services. In case of changing the city, it is advisable to ask for references to the doctor and dentist, also transferring prescriptions for medicines, opticians, and others. It is also necessary to obtain medical records and birth certificates.
  • Make sure that the new home is in conditions for comfortable use. Performing preventive maintenance of pipes, electrical installations, and others.
  • At home, we will carefully clean the refrigerator, and we will make sure not to transport food that is not in condition. The same will be done with the kitchen and air conditioners, extractors and others.
  • Carpets and clothing must be clean before packing.
  • At the end of the loading of the belongings, it is convenient to make a tour of the house, to make sure that we do not leave anything forgotten.


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